The Story of ''The 616''

Located at 616 N Main St., in Danville, Parco International purchased ''The 616'' in 2010 to restore it back to it's original grand style as the anchor and crown jewel for downtown Neapolis. Working under the strict conditions of the National Historical Foundation, we expect the building to be finalized in late 2014. 

Built in 1894, The 616 began as a grocery store, and through the mid 20th century spent most of its life as the home the Fraternal Order of the Redmen and became know as ''The Redmen Building''. During this time, the Redmen reconstructed the brick fa├žade in a manner not consistent with the building's heritage. The Redmen did bring some great touches to the building, including ceremonial stages on the 2nd floor, a tile mosaic of the Redmen logo, speakeasy doors and more touches only fitting for private lodges from that day.

During the 1980's and '90's the building found temporary homes with the Danville Police Dept and the Danville Historical Society, who sold us the building with the promise we would restore it to meet historical guidelines.

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