Historical information and photo courtesy of local historian, Danny Ricketts. For more on the history of Neapolis and the Danville area, please visit his blog: www.rdricketts.com


Brief History of Neapolis


Situated south of the Dan River, Danville, Va. was founded in 1793, incorporated in 1830 and became a city in 1890. The area north of the Dan River was incorporated as the town of North Danville in 1877. North Danville was located on the bluffs overlooking the river and city of Danville (see photo above).


In the early 1890's, the pastor of the Calvary Methodist Church on North Main St. delivered a sermon in which he spoke of the North Danville area and its views as being akin to Naples, Italy, and as such, proclaimed it be the New City, or Neapolis.


in 1894, the town of North Danville was renamed ''Neapolis''. The Riverside Cotton Mills (later Dan River Inc.) was established on the north bank of the Dan River, and in 1896, Danville annexed Neapolis.


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